Terms and conditions Encan Ouellette only

For you buyers, there are 4 simple ways to participate in these sales:

Live, with a show of hands on the same day as the auction. (a registration fee of $10 will be charged to obtain a buyer number, only valid on site).

-Live, by placing your bets online.

-Make your bets in advance, so that you can continue your daily activities without wasting precious hours. Be aware, however, that in the event of a tie, the computer system prioritizes direct communication. The max bets work according to the “turn-by-turn” method, which means that the system follows the increments. EX: A wager of $340 on a $50 increment (200-250-300-350…) will be taken into consideration up to $300. The $340 will not be considered. If there are several max bets on the same item made by different buyers, the bets will be added in turn.

Online sales only. Items are sold according to the time remaining on the stopwatch, in the order you see on the screen.

Collection of purchases

**** The time allowed for the recovery of the goods varies. Most of the time, buyers have a maximum of 3 days (WEEKEND INCLUDED) following the sale in which they participated to collect the purchased items. After these dates, a $50/item storage fee will be added to your invoice. Ask for more information. That’s your responsibility.

Please note that the return address of the goods may differ from one item to another. The recovery address will then be indicated in the item description. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will be able to recover your purchases. Auction Ouellette will not cancel any sale for this reason.

Please note that all sales are final and that a 15% onsite and 18% online fee as well as the usual sales tax will be applicable on all your purchases.

Invoices must be paid in full before you collect your purchases. You must ensure that we have received your payment before we collect your merchandise.

Buyer fees

A 18% for buyers will be added to your invoice. Ex: $ 100 * 18% = $ 118 + taxes